Petition for reinstatement of summer vacation

I have decided that we need to bring back summer vacations, such as we had in elementary school. Each summer, I think we all need at least two months off to eat popsicles, roll down grassy hills, pet puppies, chase ice cream trucks and play wiffle ball. If you agree, please add yourself to this petition via the comments feature.

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8 thoughts on “Petition for reinstatement of summer vacation

  1. Agreed. I want to take swimming lessons, walk through the woods and find gross stuff, play tag in the dark, and run around with sparklers.

  2. Concur. I will ride my bike, catch fireflies, jump out of trees, run through the sprinkler and drink lemonade.

  3. Absolutely! This five days on, two days off caper will never catch on. Even if I don’t know what wiffleballs might be, bring it on!

  4. Hell you don’t need a summer vacation to do that. My cousin ran face-first into a clothesline pole and all he does now is eat popsicles and chase puppies.

    I was always the kid reminding the teacher about the homework that was due the day before vacation started.

    It was a lonely childhood.

  5. Can we get naptime back, too? When I was in kindergarten, I resented the hell out of naptime, because the adults seemed so much more sophisticated by not needing to sleep. I was so, so wrong.

  6. Do we get free rent for those months too? If we do, then I’m down for reinstating of Summer Vacation.


  7. Add in:
    – surfing lessons with hot surfing instructor 2X/wk
    – daily arts and crafts
    – optional afternoon naps
    and I am so there.

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