Rare mid-weekend post!

Mainly for the purposes of moving my picture down the page! Because I just went to look at my blog and realized that there are two — not one, but two! — ginormous pictures of me “above the fold!” And I don’t want you to know how vain I really am! How horribly, horribly vain.

How vain am I? I’m so glad you asked. You know how everyone and their Aunt Louise has a digital camera now? (Except me, because I’m a lame-o and like to spend my money on travel and beer. Which is why I miss the Acela so much: It featured travel and beer. Anyway.) Everyone has one, and they snap pictures all the time. Anytime you go out, someone has a camera and they snap dozens and dozens of pictures. It’s like boozing with parents of a newborn: “And there she is holding a glass. There she is dropping the glass. There she is, flirting with the man who has come to sweep away the shattered remnants of her drink. There she is, looking confused that it’s not on.” Etc.

Well, here’s how vain I am: after each and every picture snapped, I’m that jackass that says, “Was that of me? Can I see?”

I didn’t even realize that I did this, until one day my friend Cathy pointed it out to me. As in, “No, you cannot see it, and stop asking. It’s only 9:00. We have three more hours at least of this, and I don’t feel like showing you every … single … picture.”

The best part is that I’m not even particularly photogenic.

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

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