Let us now be positive

Let us now be positive, in all ways, except for those involving blood tests or peeing on sticks. Let us shed negativity, and embrace cheery things.

Let us think of kittens and beer and giant balls of string and roadtrips and new car smell and cotton candy and pony rides (except that ponies make us sneeze, and by “us,” I mean “me,” as I’m sure you’re just fine with ponies, just fine, I mean, you’d have to be some kind of a nerd to be allergic to ponies) and large white clouds in large blue skies and well-worn jeans and clean smells and new places. Let us think of summer.

The winter is over. It’s time for travels. If I can ever, ever sleep again, I will take a nap in a puddle of sunshine. It’s time to make big changes and not look back. (Or, if you’re a pony-allergic, fretful, anxiety-driven insomniac, to make big changes and look back constantly, insistently, as if to say, “Well! Look at that! You’re still back there, other choice I could have made!” But let us look away from that. No pillars of salt here, please.)

Spring is here. Let’s change everything. I’ll race you!

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

One thought on “Let us now be positive

  1. You’re awsome Jen. I had just come home from talking with my best friend who has lost her fiance and her uncle all in the same week and it was really hard for me to put on a smile for her. Now, thanks to images of sneezing ponnies, I think I can do my stats homework and rest my peepers. Thanks you!

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