Hate letter: Sunday night

I can’t sleep. Ahhhh. I can’t sleep. This won’t be a very good entry, because I can’t sleep.

It’s my own fault. I took a nap today. And I went to the gym. Going to the gym is good for you, eventually, because it works off anxiety, but when you start going again after a long absence, well, it just winds you up more.

It’s Sunday night. Sunday night is the worst. I lie in my bed, covers sandy and bunched around my legs, thinking of the 9,000 things I have to do the next day. Also about major life plans. Also about every stupid thing I’ve ever said to anyone, ever. By the time I’m done, I’ve pretty much convinced myself that it’s a miracle that I’ve managed to maintain any job or friendship for more than a month or so, ever.

This is lots of fun. I’m thinking of making it into a boardgame. I will call it, “You Lose!” It will be like “Sorry!”, only about anxiety. Some of the square will read, “Did you really do the best job you could on that project last week?” and “You really shoulda called that guy before you left the office on Friday.” Others will read, “Remember that one guy you broke up with over e-mail? It was seven years ago, but you’re still an asshole.” Or “Really worthwhile people would rather read about matters of political importance, instead of spending all day reading blogs and celebrity gossip.”

I think that this game will be huge, at least among my friends.

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8 thoughts on “Hate letter: Sunday night

  1. This would be the best board game ever. And I think it would be very popular, given the states of constant anxiety and poor self esteem of everyone in this country right now. I think we should put together a prototype.

  2. Bummer – a case of the sunday blues. Suggest a few snorts of scotch in the late afternoon – helps to quiet the mind and still the blood.

    When u hear the bells ringing very faintly in the distance, its time for bed.


  3. There should be cards, like Monopoly’s Community Chest and Chance, with such benefits as “Friend Shares Benzodiazepine Stash” and “Shrink Visit” that you can hold on to. Then when you hit one of the really bad spaces on the board, you can throw the card out and say “Suck it, me of the past! I’m whole for now!”

    Though technically the Shrink Visit card would have to be played before you move, because it’s hard to plan mental problems around a set schedule.

    p.s. Thank you for the warm welcome (in the other comments).

  4. And I thought I was the only one that couldn’t sleep. At least you didn’t spend your ‘should have been sleeping’ hours reading random and hilariously false facts about Vin Diesel.

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