My poor brother-in-law had no sisters … up til now.

stevo: Have you gotten any good pictures from your readers lately?

jenniesmash: No, not a single penis picture in ages.

jenniesmash: I must be getting fat.

stevo: Or your male reader base is turned off by your references to those things that girls do bad things with.

jenniesmash: TAMPONS?

jenniesmash: You mean, TAMPONS?

jenniesmash: For our COOCHIES?

stevo is offline. (4/22/2005 4:30 PM)

jenniesmash: Ha ha ha!

jenniesmash: I made you go away.

jenniesmash: TAMPON.

stevo has signed back in. (4/22/2005 4:31 PM)


jenniesmash: Ha ha ha! TAMPON.


jenniesmash: MENSTR-OO-ATION!

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I'm a freelance writer and editor.

5 thoughts on “My poor brother-in-law had no sisters … up til now.

  1. I’ve never understood why men are so freaked out by things like that.

    I buy my girl pads, stylin and profilin my way up to the counter to pay. What, the cashier is gonna think they’re for me? I’m gonna get infected and bleed once a month if I touch them? What? What’s the big deal?

    Although my dad did once have some pretty serious hemmoroids removed, and he had to wear pads for two weeks because of the bloody seepage from the wounds.

  2. I enjoy many things about your comment, Jayman.

    1) Your positive attitude toward coochnaws and their accoutrements.

    2) The use of the expression “stylin’ and profilin’.”

    3) The fact that your alias links to some sort of listserv about weed.

    Welcome to the Smash, my friend.

  3. seepage stories always make one’s day…

    my wife always adds the pads to my costco list so I have to buy the extra large industrial sized super costco sized box along with the super duper sized box of diapers for the wee ones.

    i get to stare down the cashier – ‘yeah, there’s a lot of leakage at my house, so what of it?’

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