Real news, finally

I quit my job a week ago.

I didn’t quit because I have another job, or because I didn’t like it there, or because I came into a small fortune, or joined a religious group that forbids working, or anything of that nature. No, I quit my job because I’ve been there for five years and all of a sudden it occurred to me that if I didn’t leave soon, I would grow old there. I have had a horror of being a lifer since my days as a waitress, when the old timers would laugh at us as we pretended to know how to smoke cigarettes on our break, and say, in their gravelly voices, “I remember when I was starting out. Long time ago now.” (Wistful gleam in their eyes.) “But those days are gone. Gone…” And then we’d all want to kill ourselves.

Anyway, the other reason that I quit my job is that I’m moving to New York. Yes, I have totally lost my mind. But don’t worry about it. It will either work out, or it won’t, but either way, this blog will be a lot more interesting for my readers.

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I'm a freelance writer and editor.

11 thoughts on “Real news, finally

  1. I am hurt. You quit your job a week ago and it took you this long to let your anonymous, “who the hell are these people” readers know? Well good for you. Shake it up a bit. Get to NY and shake your groove thing and maybe even Kick it up a notch. BAM! Best of luck

  2. Oh, don’t be hurt, my quasi-unanonymous darling. I just had to wait until people at my office knew. You see all those internal IP addresses in the server logs and you think … they’re watching me … Actually, it’s fairly flattering. But one does like to be professional.

  3. I’m not as hurt, but I will still put some neosporin on my pride so it doesn’t get infected. Did you know you are a geek? Not in a bad way, but you said “internal ip addresses” and “server log” like you really mean it. I bet you even have your own home LAN.

  4. Hahahaha … no, of course not! I mean, why? What have you heard.

    OK, I do have a home LAN, but it’s only a small one.

  5. Don’t mean to sound like your parents, but how can you just get up and move? I assume you have a plan. Please tell me you have a plan. Any job prospects? How will you earn a living? C’mon, Smash, I need answers…oh and by the way congrats.

  6. Nah, no plan. I’m just going to become a prostitute.

    No worries, Bev. I have a plan, and job prospects, and other safeguards well in hand. I’ve been planning this for awhile now. And I’m too type A to just run off into the ether.

  7. Smash, congratulations!! i guess its too late to offer the requisite “its easier to find a job when you have a job”, but you are a great writer, with a sparkling personality, so i have no worries about you. Although, i didnt think you were a big fan of NYC, although those ridiculously thin people getting in the way.

    Anyway, best of luck for your, i know that the big apple will not let you get scurvy, and that you will do great!

  8. But, but, but… You’ll miss the cute little Green Line. And Tom Menino’s slurred Pillsbury Doughboy impressions. And Tom Brady’s commercials. And potholes. New York doesn’t have anything like Boston potholes. –Sigh– When you go, could you send back some decent bialis? Good luck, mazel tov, break a leg. And don’t forget the bialis.

  9. My rare posts to yours have usually been under Anonymous, mostly to time-save. But that’s all over now. I applaud your change in both space and time. Truly. But is it wrong to worry both about your welfare and the frequency with which you’ll post during/after the move? Probably. Yet worry I do. Salud and olé, Ms. Smash.

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