I (heart) snow

So, it’s going to snow again tonight. I’m tired of listening to myself complain about the weather, so I’m going to present you with a short list of reasons why snow is a positive thing, and not at all a reason to develop (or continue developing) a personality disorder:

1) It’s an excellent excuse for a bad mood. Feeling cruddy? Experiencing malaise? Actually just a total bitch? Blame it on the snow. (Also an excellent, little-known song by Milli Vanilli.)
2) We’re getting eight inches of snow, apparently, which means: snow men. In the interests of remaining gender-neutral and PC-friendly, I think we should make Empowered Snow Persons of the Feminine Persuasion.
3) Sudden changes in air pressure make animals go crazy. This will make your cat even more entertaining than usual. Go out right now and buy a bag of catnip, wait for the snowfall, and then dose the poor little bastard.

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

4 thoughts on “I (heart) snow

  1. AHHHH! That’s it. I’m moving to Texas. I was just talking to a pal in Austin. Not only did she get to meet half the rock stars in the entire world last week at SXSW, but it’s definitely not going to snow tomorrow.

  2. “Blame it on the snow that was falling, falling…”
    Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

    Anyway, I was in total denial until I looked out the window. For the record, though, the weather does nothing to my cat. Nor does catnip. I’m sitting there with a big bag of it, and she sniffs delicately, turns around, sticks her tail in the air, and walks away.

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