So, I joined MySpace…

…And rather than tell you a long, boring story about how perverts stalk me all over the Internet, let me just treat you to this brief snippet of IM conversation:

JennieSmash: Um, OK.
JennieSmash: MySpace? Is clearly a porn site.
HiC: What?
JennieSmash: Some dude with the unlikely name of “BodySpray” would like to know if I want to chat.
HiC: Hah!
JennieSmash: Oh, excellent. He’s writing to me from Karachi. All my dreams are coming true!

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

4 thoughts on “So, I joined MySpace…

  1. Holy hell, is MySpace ever a porn site. I keep getting “friend” requests from guys who collect half-nekkid women as if they were baseball cards. I can’t help but wonder what they’re thinking? That I’ll be flattered? That I’ll blush furiously and then say yes? Give me a break, fellas.

    Rather, I snort with indignation, send the loser’s profile to all my friends, and then reject his ass.

    Boys, please. I know you are neither friends with, nor fucking these ladies. Honestly.

  2. This is what I wrote in the ‘Who I want to meet’ section of my profile on myspace:

    Suprise me. I certainly DON’T want to meet strippers, or web-cam girls! That’s cool if you are a real person, who wants to meet real people, who happens to be a stripper or a webcam girl. I absolutely respect that. Otherwise, I know where the strip clubs are. Apparently I have to do something about this loser/sucker vibe that I’m projecting.

    I like how myspace has a networking function. I have met a few writers in the local area. In that respect myspace has one up on friendster. There are an awful lot of skanks on there though…

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