Fake lesbians in advertising

HiC: Can we talk about the Overstock.com lady?
JennieSmash: Yes.
JennieSmash: We sure can.
HiC: She is disturbing.
HiC: I agree entirely.
JennieSmash: She bothers me.
JennieSmash: And I don’t know how to tell her that I don’t love her.
HiC: Well — I think it is best for her to find out on her own.
JennieSmash: You’re probably right.
HiC: I think so.
HiC: Though — her advertisements are such an overt cry for attention.
HiC: I mean COME ON.
JennieSmash: I don’t even believe she’s gay.
JennieSmash: I think she’s just working the whole fake lesbian angle to get guys.
HiC: Yes.
HiC: I agree.
HiC: It is sad.

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

2 thoughts on “Fake lesbians in advertising

  1. my feelings are, a) she is just an actress, b) she is a very bad one because i can’t tell what sexual preference she is portraying, c) she’s over-acting the sexiness and i’m not feeling it, and d) she gives me the wicked heebie jeebies. — a daily reader from nh

  2. hmmmmm, well I think they’re trying to sell the stuff to men also, so it’s like a sneaky “put the idea in his head as his own so he doesn’t feel like he’s obligated to do something special for his little lady” kind of underground sneaky female tactic, that’s not so underground because most men know and complain about how often the women in their lives ask for things so pasively. I agree with the whole over sexing thing though. I think most men would end up oogling the actress/seductress and forget the web addy and my gift, so all the money spent to make a “high class comercial” and teaching the O lady how to thrust her boobs upwards is thrown out the window.

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