Random conversation with my friend Cathy, who listens to NPR, understands grammar, and is smarter than me. (I? Me. Me? I. Cathy?)

HiC: Lynn Cheney is on NPR.

HiC: God help me.

HiC: She is truly evil.

JennieSmash: She is.

JennieSmash: It’s all true.

JennieSmash: She’s so evil, the republicans keep her hidden.

JennieSmash: They know.

HiC: Because she is so horridly argumentative.

JennieSmash: And also, because she keeps eating babies on camera.

HiC: I noticed that.

JennieSmash: It detracts from any point she might have, really.

HiC: I agree.

HiC: God, she is hurting my head

JennieSmash: In other news, do you know what fad I deplore?

HiC: Which?

JennieSmash: Ha ha!

JennieSmash: Excellent.

JennieSmash: You are correct.

HiC: I did not even mean that.

JennieSmash: I know, but you’re still right.

JennieSmash: I hate how people are posting their Amazon wish lists on their blogs.

JennieSmash: It’s so lame.

HiC: Are you serious?

JennieSmash: “I do this for free, because I need attention, and it’s too cold to run around naked! Give me shit!”

HiC: I have not seen that!

JennieSmash: Oh, dude. Let me clue you in.

My favorite part of the whole Amazon wishlist thing, by the way, is that most of the lists I’ve checked out have exactly ZERO items in the received section. Meaning that everyone is posting these things, and no one is getting shit. Which is just as it should be.

You know what I would like? I would like a small break, if you have one.

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

7 thoughts on “Random conversation with my friend Cathy, who listens to NPR, understands grammar, and is smarter than me. (I? Me. Me? I. Cathy?)

  1. Hi Jen. First time I’ve commented on your site. I completely agree about the amazon wishlist thing. I don’t think I have ever seen one that items in the received section either. I think its safe to say that most people don’t have tons of extra money floating around with which they will buy an anonymous stranger something that they want. That just seems like an incredible waste of time.

    Anyway, loving your site. You have a great way with words. Very funny.

    Chris @ LateShow.org

  2. I actually knew that. I was being silly. But thank you. We welcome editorial and grammatical suggestions here at the Smash.

  3. i agree with anon!! btw the valentines thing is so true! i hate the whole present thing! oh, n i found your site cos i googled my name… jennie !!!

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