Daily Schedule: 6 am – 10 pm: Survive

Every day that I’m home with Baboo, I do one thing.

It’s not the same thing. I don’t, like, have a secret to impart that will help you optimize your time with your baby. I’m just saying that when I look back on the day, I can get about one thing done in addition to the basic baby maintenance activities that are required.

Today I went to a moms’ group. Other days, I’ll vacuum or go grocery shopping. Still other days, I’ll wait until the baby falls asleep or becomes absorbed in something and steal a few minutes of work.

But I only ever get one thing done per day. A few times, I tried to do more than one thing, but I always wind up regretting it. So now I’ve solved all my parent problems by lowering my expectations.

OK, now add just one thing per day, because that’s all you get.

System Error

I’m a little busy right now, at work and doing my own writing stuffs. There’s a lot on my mind, and in order to make room for it, I appear to have wiped some non-essential information from my memory banks.

For example, what year it is.

I’m not kidding.

I spent 20 minutes today trying to remember whether it was 2009 or 2010. I considered asking Sgt Lucky, but then decided that this would make him unduly concerned about my mental state. So rather than make him wonder about any possible, you know, strokes I might have had today, I went to ye olde laptoppe and moused over the clock.

It’s 2009. I’m younger than I thought I was!