Obligatory Escape From New York Post

It was hard to move to New York, and hard to leave. Both took six months, thousands of dollars, and enough tears to fill a Slurpee container (one of the big ones, the kind that are making Americans fat). Ten years after the first big move, and three months after the second, I can sayContinue reading “Obligatory Escape From New York Post”

So, We’re Moving

Less than two weeks ago, our landlords told us they were selling the building, and to kindly GTFO ASAP, and many other acronyms as well. We’re waiting to hear about an apartment, and hopefully it will work out, because Adam and I have very different ideas about what constitutes a dream home. Adam’s dream home:Continue reading “So, We’re Moving”

I Can Outrun Sexual Predators While I’m Wearing High Heels

…probably not backwards, though, although I would certainly give it a try, if required. Let me explain. This morning, on my way from the train to my office, a man hollered at me. This is not so strange. Men holler at women all the time, and we all just sort of ignore it. It’s partContinue reading “I Can Outrun Sexual Predators While I’m Wearing High Heels”