It’s Possible That Today’s Parents Know Too Much

Let’s talk about Tylenol, and how it’s the only thing that helps Baboo when her teeth really hurt, and how we’re supposed to use it “sparingly.”

Tylenol is a serious drug. Used carelessly, it can cause liver damage … and that’s in adults, who weigh more than a Thanksgiving turkey and have presumably given their livers some training over the years. (Note: I understand that this is not how livers work.)

Our pediatricians stressed early on that Tylenol was only for emergencies. The problem is, we’re pretty much in a constant, rolling emergency over here with the teething.

You guys, I had no idea how bad teething could get. Baboo is agony. She pulls at her gums and looks at us beseechingly. The worst part is, she doesn’t even know why she feels as bad as she does.

We’ve tried everything else — cold things, frozen things, gum massage, warm baths, going for a walk, looking at something new (birds, fish, new toys, new people). But the only thing that helps is to give her the drugs.

However, we don’t want to overdo it, so we reserve it for extreme pain and when we’re all about to collapse from lack of sleep. This means, realistically, about once every other day.

I tell you, I long for the days of giving babies paregoric and whiskey. I can’t believe we have to struggle through this with frozen washcloths and emergency Tylenol for three years.

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