Seinfeld-esque Post: "What’s With the [Blank]?"

In this case, what is it with people and the phone? I’ve been doing lately and so far, so good. A few guys, though, are totally in love with their phones and insistent on talking to me over them before we hang out. No offense, my very new friend, but I don’t know you well enough yet to know if I want you to be able to ring me up at all hours of the day and night. That’s why the email system has a double-blind dealie: So that if one of us decides that the other is crazy, we don’t have to talk to each other anymore.

The other day, I was supposed to hang out with a dude, but had to cancel to go to a coworker’s housewarming. I apologized, of course – although no creepy card this time – and suggested we hang out this week.

His email said, OK, I’m free Wednesday. Call me Tuesday at such and such a number; I’ll be home at 7.

I wrote back and said, hey, why don’t we just meet somewhere Wednesday, since we’re both free.

He wrote back and said, OK, call me Wednesday and we’ll figure out a place.

Do you suppose that he’s had extremely bad luck with dating women who secretly sound like Minnie Mouse? By the way, I’m totally sure that right this very moment he’s complaining to his internet friends about the crazy girl who won’t use the phone. But I’ll cop to that. I am that girl.

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3 thoughts on “Seinfeld-esque Post: "What’s With the [Blank]?"

  1. i feel like such an idiot for getting married in the age before creepy-internet-dating. i’m missing out on so much.

  2. $5 says his profile is only up on because a friend showed him how to do it and he is, in fact, deathly afraid of the kompootur. You two will no doubt have some fascinating conversations:

    “I work for an Internet company.”
    “What’s an Internet?”

  3. Just use a co-worker’s phone, that way if he calls back it’ll be to someone else.
    NOTE: Eric’s phone would be perfect for this.

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