Technical Difficulties, Updates, Etc.

First things first: I don’t totally love the new template either and I know the archives are still broken. However, I couldn’t spend another day looking at my ridiculous attempts to hack a standard template, so we’ll just have to deal with this for now. Also, if you were in my blogroll and aren’t, email me (jenhubley [at] gmail dot com.) I lost that while I was changing things. Whee.

Now down to business!

Currently, I am up to the following:

1) Trying out for roller derby. This is the biggest thing I’m doing by far, and to be honest with you, it will be totally shocking if I make it this year. Most of my fights have been with the walls and/or floor of the practice space. (They won.) It’s still the most fun I’ve had in ages, though. It’s basically like trying out to be a superhero.

2) Something dire is going on in my sinuses. At first I thought it was my tooth. Actually, at first I thought I’d cracked my tooth, during one of my aforementioned fights with walls and/or floors. But then I realized that my eye hurt too, and that I probably have a weird percolating sinus issue. I’ve been neti-potting it up, which has been helping. A neti pot, is basically a way of pushing salt water up your nose without jumping face-first into the ocean. It’s shaped like Aladdin’s lamp and you look like a super doofus using it, but it works. After I gave my nose a flush or two today, I distinctly heard some crackling sounds around my eye and a whole bunch of snot came out. SNOT. BOOGERS. It was awesome.

3) There’s an election coming up. I’m not sure if you know this, but there is. You should vote, but only if you’re voting for Obama. Otherwise, you should just stay home, especially if you live in Pennsylvania.

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