The Jen Hubley Secret Boyfriend Committee

I have recently decided that it’s very important to be at least a little in love as much of the time as possible. Currently, I am in love with Henry Cavill. He plays Brandon on The Tudors and is obviously my future husband.

The cynical among you might point out that I don’t know Henry Cavill, that he is a famous person, and that I’ll probably never meet him. I would argue that this makes him an excellent candidate for induction into the Jen Hubley Secret Boyfriend Committee, a society I invented some years ago but have allowed to languish for reasons that escape me.

Henry Cavill is, of course, currently president of the Committee. It is, however, the weekend and I have parties scheduled, so he might be ousted by a real person, at least until Sunday, when the next episode airs.

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3 thoughts on “The Jen Hubley Secret Boyfriend Committee

  1. I’ve known many a lady who had the Secret Boyfriend Committee. Some of them were actual in the flesh SecBoys, too.

  2. If he is lucky and steals you away he will certainly have married one of the most interesting people on the internet. A truly lucky boyfriend !!!!


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