Art at the Brooklyn Museum – Now With Handbags and Vaginas!

Today, I decided that I needed some culture. I woke up early, virtuous, and got coffee and dropped off dry cleaning and went to the post office. Then I walked across the park to the Brooklyn Museum, to see the Murakami exhibit.

Now, to be honest with you, I didn’t know much about Murakami before I went, except that he is, doy, Japanese and makes stuff that looks like anime. And I didn’t really do much research beforehand, because I am lazy, and also because I like to experience things and then research them.

Many of the families were were attending the exhibit had also failed to do their research, and thus spent most of the time either covering their children’s eyes or pretending to be the kind of hep parents who don’t care that their children are looking at art featuring GIANT PENISES WITH SWIRLING ARCS OF BOY JUICE SHOOTING OUT OF THEM.

There were also vaginas. Don’t want you to think that Murakami is leaving out the ladies. One little boy kept ogling a series of statues depicting a girl turning into a jet plane. He was pointing right at her lady parts, which were extra-pink and directed conveniently at the viewer.

Also of interest, in my opinion: The display of Murakami Louis Vuitton handbags which were in the middle of the installation, and for sale. I can get down with the mingling of art and commerce, but shouldn’t that be in the gift shop? Grumble. Anyway, the placement worked, because I can’t say I usually crave LV bags, but I wanted the one with cherry blossoms all over it.

I spent an hour in the Murakami exhibit before going downstairs to look at the Egyptian art. It was more my speed. I like looking at the scarab jewelry and cuniform rolls and the jars that used to hold guts. Also, I saw a mummified crocodile, and also (as well) an Ibis, which is a bird. Apparently, the Egyptians would mummify anything they found lying around, any pet, or, say, house guest. Something to think about.

A successful trip on the whole.

Published by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

I'm a freelance writer and editor.

2 thoughts on “Art at the Brooklyn Museum – Now With Handbags and Vaginas!

  1. Good for you, Ms. Smash. Arts writers can do all the research on earth, but they are not given to telling John Q. Public stuff he really should hear before shelling out cash for these things–namely about sculptural renditions of boy juices, girl parts and WTF? $4K handbags within-an-exhibition? Murakami gets the joke, and Andy Warhol is laughing his narrow tail off (somewhere) over this latest … commercialization.

  2. There are a lot of vaginas in that museum. I want to see Murakami too. There’s also a big feminist art exhibit, and an installation called The Dinner Party. It’s wild.

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