The Hottness, Part 437

Jennie Smash: a weird thing is happening with my weight loss

Jennie Smash: i’m DEFLATING

Mads: what does that mean?

Mads: that sounds very scary

Jennie Smash: like, my butt has a dent in it

Mads: a dimple?

Jennie Smash: between the butt part and the leg part

Jennie Smash: where none was before

Jennie Smash: i think it’s a muscle, but i can’t be sure

Mads: ha

Jennie Smash: anything is possible


4 thoughts on “The Hottness, Part 437

  1. Anonymous

    Okay, this is officially too much information. The only news I want about your bottom is when you decide to wear your underpants as a hat.

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