8 thoughts on “Oh. My. God.

  1. Ew, ew, ew. They make Lee Mom Jeans look attractive.

    Somebody, quick, hand me a pair of low-rise (but not too low-rise!) boot cuts, stat!

  2. I distinctly recall a prior post wherein the Smash forcefully foreswore the so-called “Mom Jeans” trend. Query, however, is this not a “good thing” for the many many “muffin tops” out on the mean streets of the city?


  3. I honestly don’t know which is worse: the muffin top or the inevitable camel toe that is going to start showing up everywhere if these jeans catch on.

  4. These will be famous 2,000 years from now, in a diarama of antique clothing.

    Future man, he say, “Lookee all girls wear, she be 2007. Peoples craxy ‘den, OK? Yes! craxy, craxy, craxy!”

  5. Nice try, cantellthatkid, but futurespeak will not be that rich and will be staccato bursts of Chinese-Spanglish. “Mi Dios, pantalone! Hweigh! High! Dwo chou loco! Ha! (Good Lord, those pants have such a high waist, isn’t that crazy!)

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