5 Things That Happened While I Was, as They Say, Offline

A friend of mine who used to work as the head of blogging and social media whatsis at a software company once told me that the number one piece of advice she gave bloggers was to blog every day. The number two piece of advice was never to start off a post by apologizing aboutContinue reading “5 Things That Happened While I Was, as They Say, Offline”

That Attitude of Grati…zzz…

I started a gratitude journal. Oprah promised me that this would cure my depression (I’m paraphrasing) and so I can’t wait to get started. Ha ha, that’s a depression joke. I can totally wait to get started. While I wait, I think I’ll just sit here and stare at the video game Adam is playing.Continue reading “That Attitude of Grati…zzz…”

Brand New Worry: Will All My Teeth Fall Out?

As we know, I am never happy unless I can worry about something. When I was a kid, I worried all the time about Russians dropping the bomb on us. I practiced hiding under my desk for hours. Then, finally, someone gave me a copy of “Hiroshima” and I realized that two feet of fiberboardContinue reading “Brand New Worry: Will All My Teeth Fall Out?”

You Down With G.O.P.? (No, Not Me.)

Horowitz: sometimes I hate the Democratic party Jennie Smash: i know what you mean Jennie Smash: what is it this time? Horowitz: pushy fundraising phone call Horowitz: the thing is I try and support Democrats, even in small amounts because I know how much money the GOP has Horowitz: but the DNC is always soContinue reading “You Down With G.O.P.? (No, Not Me.)”