Two Things: Crack in My Face, and the Nicest Bus Driver Ever

I’ve been in ol’ New York for almost six years now, so I can be forgiven for assuming that I’ve seen almost everything she has to offer at least once. This week, however, I learned that this wasn’t true. I saw two things I’ve never seen before, and I choose to believe that this isContinue reading “Two Things: Crack in My Face, and the Nicest Bus Driver Ever”

Officially Out of Shape

I am out of shape, and here’s how I know: I was tired today, after walking a mile and a half. Which is how long it takes me to get from the faraway subway to my house. I started taking the farther train, BTW, because I couldn’t face the gym and I figured I shouldContinue reading “Officially Out of Shape”

The Complicated Grooming Regimen of Sgt. Lucky

Today I remembered something I hadn’t thought of in a long time, and because it’s a lazy Sunday and I don’t want to do any real work, I’ll tell you about it. Shortly after Sgt. Lucky and I moved in together, we were discussing our beauty regimens. Well, OK, my beauty regimen. I think thisContinue reading “The Complicated Grooming Regimen of Sgt. Lucky”

Back, Now With More Marriedness

Greetings, my neglected internet friends. I have returned to you from the wilds of Belize, where I drank my weight in rum-based beverages and also proved that I can both kayak and snorkle without injuring myself in some fantastically stupid way. I’m just as surprised as you are. The wedding itself was lovely. When weContinue reading “Back, Now With More Marriedness”

I Have Also Been Doing Work

But mainly, I’ve been writing and playing Bejeweled. Seriously, that’s what I’ve been up to for the past week. This is partly because I have the flu and partly because I am a lazy, lazy woman who only likes writing little stories and playing video games. As far as the little stories go, I shouldContinue reading “I Have Also Been Doing Work”