Scene from a Marriage

Adam and I will be married a year next Sunday, which means that I will now subject you all to yet another post explaining how lucky I am to be married to him. (This is appropriate, since, having taken his last name, I am now officially Lucky myself.) Last night I was sad. I hadContinue reading “Scene from a Marriage”

Professional Offices I Have Cried in, in Order of Frequency

1. Therapist’s office (obviously.) 2. General practitioner’s office. (Although I no longer see that particular doctor, and I’m sure we’re both grateful.) 3. Gynecologist’s office. 4. Nurse practitioner’s office. (Mostly because she’s awesome. I bet everyone cries in there.) 5. Nutritionist’s office. 6. Hair salon. I have never, ever cried at a nail salon, chiropractor’s,Continue reading “Professional Offices I Have Cried in, in Order of Frequency”

Why Do We Beat Ourselves Up?

So, the first day of not weighing myself didn’t go all that well, in that I got up first thing in the morning and weighed myself. I didn’t realize what I was doing until I looked at the number and thought, “UGH, I’m the WORST.” And then I remembered this whole not-saying-horrible-things-to-myself dealie. And thenContinue reading “Why Do We Beat Ourselves Up?”

The Scale and I Might Be Breaking up

So, in order for this whole experiment thing to work, I might have to stop weighing myself, at least for the month. I originally thought I’d be fine with my usual routine, which is weighing myself first thing every morning, after I take a pee, so as to be as light as humanly possible. ButContinue reading “The Scale and I Might Be Breaking up”

Day 1: We Have More Self-Hate by 9 AM…

…than most people do all day! Caught myself thinking horrible body loathe-y thoughts: 1) After weighing myself. 2) While trying to find underpants. Underpants, BTW, are a little-known source of body hate, because you never think you’ll get too big for them, but secretly, it’s the first thing that happens. Now I’m off to work,Continue reading “Day 1: We Have More Self-Hate by 9 AM…”

This is an Experiment: A Better Body (Image) in 30 Days

I have decided to spend one month not saying anything negative about my body. No comments on my weight, no discussion of ankles or thighs or things that are too dimply or not dimply enough. (Which would be what? My cheeks? They’re plenty dimply. But you see what I mean.) No more discussing parts ofContinue reading “This is an Experiment: A Better Body (Image) in 30 Days”

Spineless Movement and a Wild Attack

So, there are these people who believe that the Rapture is going to happen this weekend, and while I am not one of them, reading Maud Newton’s excellent essay at the Awl made me realize that part of me thinks it has to happen, because it’d make such a good story. I tend to thinkContinue reading “Spineless Movement and a Wild Attack”

Turkey Day With Ma Smash

So, I’m sitting on the sofa in the Boston office (Ma Smash’s house), working on my laptop, when all of a sudden a horrid noise starts up by the window just behind our heads. It seriously sounded like a hammer, or maybe the hook man trying to get in. TAP TAP TAP. Me: What isContinue reading “Turkey Day With Ma Smash”

Even I Can Only Get So Concerned About the Flu

So, you might’ve heard there’s a new flu in town. This is totally unlike me, and probably means that we should all be just as afraid as everyone seems to be, but I am not at all concerned with the swine flu. Oh sure, I had a bad day or two at the very beginning,Continue reading “Even I Can Only Get So Concerned About the Flu”