Writing Every Day When You Have a Six-Month-Old Baby

Of all the crazy things I’ve tried to do in my life, blogging every day this month while my six-month-old teethes is right up there. I can barely form a sentence with my mouthparts, never mind write things down and have them make sense to a person who’s used to getting more than two hoursContinue reading “Writing Every Day When You Have a Six-Month-Old Baby”

MLMs Are the Worst, But Judging MLMers Feeds the Patriarchy

Becoming a mom means becoming a mark for all sorts of marketing schemes, but perhaps none is more constant than invitations to join multi-level marketing companies. If you a female lady person in our society, whether or not you have kids, you’ve probably experienced these. When we were young, it was Tupperware and Avon. NowContinue reading “MLMs Are the Worst, But Judging MLMers Feeds the Patriarchy”

The Baby Isn’t Eating…

…and as a result, my husband may need to be hospitalized. Teething is painful, and not just for the baby. Apparently, sometimes when teething is happening, babies don’t eat. This is a big problem, because babies are humans and humans need food in order to live. But it’s an especially big problem for our baby,Continue reading “The Baby Isn’t Eating…”

A Bad Morning With the Mean Old Teeth

Baboo is passed out on my lap, with her head hanging over the armrest the way she prefers it. She’s always been an upside down baby, and when she’s stressed or in pain, she’ll do everything in her power to arrange herself so that her head is hanging lower than her body. Cause of stressContinue reading “A Bad Morning With the Mean Old Teeth”

Daily Schedule: 6 am – 10 pm: Survive

Every day that I’m home with Baboo, I do one thing. It’s not the same thing. I don’t, like, have a secret to impart that will help you optimize your time with your baby. I’m just saying that when I look back on the day, I can get about one thing done in addition toContinue reading “Daily Schedule: 6 am – 10 pm: Survive”

Time Management for the Work-From-Home Mom

I am thumb-typing this blog post with my left thumb while a baby sleeps on me. And that’s basically everything you need to know about time management from the perspective of working moms — especially the ones who work at home and have small babies. The problem with balancing work and parenting is that it’sContinue reading “Time Management for the Work-From-Home Mom”

I Cleaned My House This Week and That’s a Big Deal

If I had been as productive before I had a baby as I am now, I would have written five books by now. But for some reason, this level of multitasking requires a baby. If you give me 15 minutes, I can clear a sink full of dishes, wash and sterilize six bottles, or emptyContinue reading “I Cleaned My House This Week and That’s a Big Deal”

Your Baby Doesn’t Sleep, So Just Stop Lying About It

My baby is sleeping on me right now. This is semi-against the rules, because we’re trying to get her used to sleeping in a crib so I can get more work done. But she’s teething and I hope to God one of these teeth break out soon, because we’ll all be in the funny farmContinue reading “Your Baby Doesn’t Sleep, So Just Stop Lying About It”