I Am So Grateful for This Baboo

Keeping it short today, because we have a lot of prep for Thanksgiving observed this weekend, but I wanted to take a moment to talk about how grateful I am that Baboo exists. There were many times when I thought we’d never get the chance to be parents. If you’ve been reading along, you knowContinue reading “I Am So Grateful for This Baboo”

Team Luckwaldt Has a Cold, But I Got Some Sleep, So Wooooo!

All three Luckwaldts have colds today, which is a problem, because we keep looking for the adult to show up and he or she is VERY LATE. It started yesterday with Adam saying, “Hmm. I have kind of a scratchy throat.” “No, you don’t,” I said. “You don’t. You feel fine.” He loosened his collarContinue reading “Team Luckwaldt Has a Cold, But I Got Some Sleep, So Wooooo!”

Just a Casual Reminder That You Don’t Have to Be Grateful

I’ve only really started meeting moms in real life, but I’m lucky to have a lot of online friends who have kids, and they’ve been unbelievably helpful in figuring out this whole parenthood thing. The other day, I was talking to Nancy, one of my internet pals, and she said something that really struck me.Continue reading “Just a Casual Reminder That You Don’t Have to Be Grateful”

The Loneliness of the Parent Whose Family Lives Far Away

I’ve been writing a lot about how tired we are, and if you’re reading this, you’re either not sick of it yet or you’re getting ready to fire off a killer comment telling us to count our blessings. Either way, thanks, I guess. We do have a lot of blessings and I worry that we’reContinue reading “The Loneliness of the Parent Whose Family Lives Far Away”

Baby’s First Medical Emergency

If you know me in real life, you know that I’m a hypochondriac. One of my fears about becoming a parent was that I’d transfer this lunacy onto my child and become one of those moms who never lets her kid do anything, because germs-sharp things-dangerous machinery-heights-scary news stories. Instead, it turns out that I’mContinue reading “Baby’s First Medical Emergency”

I Don’t Feel Like Writing Today…

…but I’m doing it anyway. Where is my prize? Since I started this whole “write every day for a month” thing, I haven’t really had a day where I felt super foot-draggy over writing. So I guess I was due. In general, I think I could use a rest, and that’s why today is soContinue reading “I Don’t Feel Like Writing Today…”

It Turns Out That Being Physically Incompetent Is a Big Problem When You Become a Mom

I know, I know. Everyone claims to be uncoordinated. But here’s how bad it is with me: not only was in remedial gym class as a kid, but as an adult, I regularly injure myself by tripping up the stairs. It doesn’t help that I wear glasses and have flat feet and hip dysplasia (yes,Continue reading “It Turns Out That Being Physically Incompetent Is a Big Problem When You Become a Mom”

It’s Possible That Today’s Parents Know Too Much

Let’s talk about Tylenol, and how it’s the only thing that helps Baboo when her teeth really hurt, and how we’re supposed to use it “sparingly.” Tylenol is a serious drug. Used carelessly, it can cause liver damage … and that’s in adults, who weigh more than a Thanksgiving turkey and have presumably given theirContinue reading “It’s Possible That Today’s Parents Know Too Much”

My Baby, the MMA Fighter

“This is her idea of a great morning,” Adam said, holding the squirming baby on his lap when I came up from my basement office to say hi. “Smiling at Mommy … while literally stepping on Dad’s dick. Which is what she’s doing right now. I think she’s trying to make sausage wine. It’s possibleContinue reading “My Baby, the MMA Fighter”

So, I’ve Figured Out How to Get Stuff Done With a Baby

And it involves getting very comfortable with light yelling. When we first had Baboo, Adam and I realized very quickly that we weren’t comfortable letting her cry it out. However, what we didn’t know was that there’s a wide gulf between “crying it out” and “vocalizing in a complainy manner.” Before I was able toContinue reading “So, I’ve Figured Out How to Get Stuff Done With a Baby”