Hot asian girl on the 66 bus (m4w-23)

I am addicted to the “Missed Connections” section of craigslist. It’s like a window into human behavior. So far, I’ve learned that guys in Boston are seeking blonde waitresses, hip asian girls and bookish redheads who aren’t paying any attention to them. I swear I learned this after I dyed my hair red. Girls inContinue reading “Hot asian girl on the 66 bus (m4w-23)”

The Science Class Theory of Life

I’m a little nervous about how expectant I am that something good is about to happen. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life (and I’ll be lucky if I’ve learned that much), it’s that nothing ever happens when you’re expecting it. For real: Whatever you’re expecting, right now, is not going to happen. SomethingContinue reading “The Science Class Theory of Life”

Crazy people I have known

I met my first crazy person at church. I was five years old, and my family lived in Vermont. VERMONT-Vermont, not the adorable-little-inns-and-charming-eccentrics version you saw on Newhart lo those many years ago. The Vermont I lived in when I was five was seriously Appalachia, with hillbillies and trailers and no police force to speakContinue reading “Crazy people I have known”