I am here to help

Hello, my friends, friends’ friends, family members, ex-boyfriends and stalkers. I am starting a new feature here on the Smash, and I need your help. It’s going to be called “Ask Jennie Smash”, and it will be, as you might expect, an advice column. There’s a twist, too, but I hate to spoil things for people.

So send me your troubles and cares: iscribblez AT yahoo.com. I am not a trained anything, and I often give very bad advice. How’s that for a pitch?


One thought on “I am here to help

  1. cantellthatkid

    I want to know how to get free stuff. Don’t care what is does or what it is.. just free stuff. Remember when the internet was a way of trading what you knew for what you wanted to know? Now everything is a link to Amazon where you can buy the book.

    How do I get free stuff? Real stuff or real info., not free previews or porno or links to freusedoise.

    Today I wanted a free “H” Something Kell-tic, or just weird. Nope.. just links to a hundred books of derivitive art.

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