A recent realization

This is just life: I’m stressed out and that’s how it is.

I realized that today, because I was talking to my good friend and fellow stress-bunny Cathy, and one or the other of us (could have been either) said, “Well, it’s just been a hard year.” And then I realized that I’ve been saying “it’s been a hard year” for oh … the last five years or so at least. So basically, as long as I’ve been out in the world, working and paying rent and trying to figure out how to have normal relationships with other humans, it’s been a hard year.

For my new year’s resolution, I think I will start saying something else instead. Not necessarily something positive, mind you. I don’t want to get dizzy and confuse myself. But instead of saying that it’s been a hard year, maybe I’ll just use a different adjective. Maybe I’ll say it’s been a fuzzy year, or it’s been a purple year. Maybe I’ll say, “this year does not quite match the other years, but the light is so dim in the bar that no one will notice.”


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