I don’t feel so good myself

My coworker brought in her six-year-old son today, because he’s sick. He’s one of those really cute kids that seem just like teeny little old people. Very serious, very solemn. I like a kid who’s a little concerned about how things are turning out. Plus, he’s stuffy, so he’s even funnier than normal.

I’ve been sick myself, the past day or so, so I thought we could compare symptoms, one prematurely old person to another.

“So what are you sick with?” I asked him.

He tapped his chin thoughtfully, and gave me the list: “I have a cold, a cough, a stuffy head, and I don’t feel good either. Also…” He held up his thumb, which had a bandaid on it. “…I have a strip on my thumb.”

“A strip?”

“An ouchless strip.”

“What’s wrong with your thumb?”

He looked very concerned, and said in low, confidential voice. “I don’t know, but it hurts.”

I love this kid.


2 thoughts on “I don’t feel so good myself

  1. Anonymous

    I dont find you boring, but your tone has certainly lost a bit of its “angry woman who hates men and consequently many aspects of the world” tone. This happens frequently with women in the blissful state of a new relationship. They are getting laid, and the guys havent turned into assholes yet. Those will both come to an end, but i am going to keep my fingers crossed that your self love and girlfriends (to bitch to about what an asshole the guy has become) will help keep you from returning to your sour old ways (although your posts were quite humorous when you were the angry woman).

  2. Megs

    I disagree. I’ve never gotten the impression that you hate men, JennieSmash, but rather that you’ve had some tough times with them. And instead of stewing over it and becoming bitter, you’ve used your incredible sense of humor to get over both each situation and yourself. What this comment-happy asshole doesn’t understand is that humor and cruelty are not the same thing. If this is the same guy I think it is, I’m not sure why a conservative, chauvistic, Yankees-loving asshole would be so interested in your blog or you. But it’s clear he’s got a boner for you.

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