I (heart) New York

But it’s fucking EXPENSIVE. Matt the Moozle and I went out to grab a bite before I got on my bus back home and dropped eighty goddamn dollars. Fortunately, he picked up the tab. I am adorable but completely useless with money. Ah, well. I’ll get him back someday, when I’m rich and famous. Or maybe after I knock over the liquor store and before the cops come to pick me up.

Other neat but expensive adventures this weekend: going to an all-mystery bookstore and buying many mysteries; going to Film Forum and crying like a little school girl during On the Waterfront; going (twice) to Matt’s local hangout, which is called something in German or else Irish and means “Meat and Cheese Bar”, and drinking lots of very good beer and eating, you guessed it, meat and cheese and also a big plate of chocolate.

We ate a ton this weekend, but my pants are loose. That’s because people in New York apparently walk everywhere. They go on and on about how lame Boston’s public transit is, but let me tell you, for every subway train we caught, we waited for two that never arrived. Part of this is because we were waiting for the JMZ, codenamed by the Moozle “Subway Train of the Disenfranchised.” Part of it was because neither Matt nor I ever has a clue where we’re going. Also, if you’ve seen our glasses, watches or wallet, please drop me a line. In addition, please allow me to apologize for the fact that we seem to have broken all of your plates and dropped food on the rug.


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