Vote. Vote vote vote. Vote.

And remember: If you vote for George W. Bush, a kitten dies.


5 thoughts on “VOTE

  1. Anonymous

    woohoo! all the more reason for me to vote for bush…that’ll be one less kitten in this world! what dies if you vote for kerry?

  2. Jennie SMASH!

    Oh, screw. I didn’t mean to delete ALL of those comments. Anyway, suffice to say that one of my twelve readers posted this:

    Your chances of keeping your own money and the promotion of the concept of personal responsibility.

    GO GW!I found it horrifying, too, but we’re all about free speech here on Jennie Smash. It’s only one of many things that distinguishes us from the current regime.

  3. Anonymous

    i actually posted it half in jest (and didnt mean to post it 100 times), but i did want to see if you would leave it. very admirable, and i thank you.

    also, i do find your musings very amusing, and your postings to the blacktable are always great. so, while we most likely disagree on every socio/economic/political topic, i do appreciate your writing, and the fact that you give alternative opinions air time.

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