I was just settling in for a long and productive morning of forum monitoring and tip editing, when the VP of sales came by my desk. I like the VP of sales. We have a similar outlook on life. We’re both obnoxiously friendly.

“Did you get married?” She asked.

My mouth fell open. For one minute, ya see, I thought she’d picked up the general improvement in my attitude and appearance lately, and come to her own conclusions. Then I realized what must’ve happened.

“Was there something in the Monday Update?” I asked.

The Monday Update is our internal newsletter. If you get married, or have a baby, or get promoted, or sell a bunch of stuff, or come up with a brilliant (read: money-making) idea, it goes in there. If you get divorced or fired, though, they don’t mention it. Probably just as well. What would that call that section? “People We Don’t Like So Much Anymore?” “Ginormous Loser of the Week?”

“Take a look,” she said. I called up the Update from my e-mail, and there it was: On the left-hand side, with all the anniversaries, my name with the rest of the Four Year Crew — only, due to an unfortunate cut-and-paste, I had an additional last name.

“Jennifer HubleyGould.” I said. “It’s nice that I kept the mid-word cap like that. Very appropriate for tech publishing.”

“I liked that, too.”

“Well, I’m happy to see that Bizarro Me rejected the hyphen, at least.”


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