It’s our time. It’s our time up here.

I have no snide comments to make. I have no shit-talk to offer. I am so happy. God bless the Red Sox Nation.


7 thoughts on “It’s our time. It’s our time up here.

  1. Anonymous

    On the sox, i have nothing to say. They took it to the yankees, fair and square. And while i still hate (maybe a little strong, but close enough) the sox, and moreso the obnoxious sox fans (not all the fans, just the assholes, you know, the ones who act like many of the neanderthals in the house that ruth built), i gotta give credit where credit is due.

    Oh, and i read your piece on black table….and i beg of you to post the email from the deuch that slept through the date then emailed 3 weeks later begging for you not to blog it. You have 13 readers, and this one is on a god awful conference call, ready to slit my wrists, and could use some amusement.

  2. Jennie SMASH!

    Heh. Well, I would, but I think that sort of behavior might backfire on me, karmawise. Also, I’d like be asked out on other dates, by other men, and you know everyone does a Google background check before they hang out with anyone new. Or is that just me? Just me? Okay, then. Carry on. Nothing to see here.

  3. Megs

    By the way, that was meant solely to cap the “Goonies” reference, not to make any predictions about the Sox. World Series, here we come!

  4. Anonymous

    Agreed about the karma and googling. Since we cant read the diarrhea apology email, can you tell inquiring minds:
    did he get drunk and blow off the date OR
    did he get drunk on the date

    and, whats a gals opinion on which is worse.

  5. Anonymous

    I so caught the Goonies reference. When I read it, I knew it sounded so familiar. And by the way, I also read your entry on blacktable. Can you really keep count of who’s reading your blog?

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