A-Rod is a big old girl

If we’re a bunch of characters, then what are the Yankees? I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it, and here’s what I’ve come up with: The Yankees are a bunch of spoiled prep school girls who are used to getting everything they want, and have no idea how to cope with being told no. “But Pa-PA said we might go to first base. And I’ve so looked forward to it. Out of my way, you cad, or I shall be very cross! Perhaps I will slap you.”


6 thoughts on “A-Rod is a big old girl

  1. cantellthatkid

    So how sweet that ARod was the one to lose the game. Sure, sure, Shilling and Folke won it with their pitching, but it was also lost. ARod’s stupidity (interference is something they teach you about in little league) brought it from one out, one on, 4-3 in the eighth, to 2 outs and 4-2. What a peckerhead. SOOOO said we didn’t get him. What we got were Cabrera and moved people around so we played some unknown 2nd baseman who did nothing last night, except hit a three run homer to win the GAME? Thweeeeeet.

  2. Anonymous

    Heh, that’s hilarious!

    A-Rod is just clueless. It must be destiny. The umps are actually making the right calls, even though they help the Sox.

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