No sleep til … no sleep ever, apparently

Did you know that people can go insane from lack of sleep? Of course you knew that. You’ve seen all the same shows and movies I’ve seen. You know about sharps and hot and cold and sleep deprivation and Chinese water torture. God, you’re sick. You can’t just watch a nice sitcom like everyone else? You disgust me.

I woke up this morning at 2:30 a.m. and could not get back to sleep for love nor money. There are a couple reasons for this:

1) I fell asleep listening to the radio, and at about 2:30, the dj started playing nu metal, for some unknown reason.

2) My Dad had surgery yesterday. He’s fine. But still: surgery. Hubleys hate surgery. We don’t even like to ask people for change for a five, never mind trust them to heal us. We think think they might want something in return, like the right to come over to our house and play with our things. Or maybe they’ll expect us to perform surgery on them some day. It’s all very suspicious.

3) My brother-in-law is going to Iraq in a couple of days.

4) It’s getting cold out, and because I hate to be just like everyone else, I’ve arranged it so that the cold triggers a reverse-hiberation response in my poor little sleep-deprived body. Once the weather changes, I start waking up after just one REM cycle, as if that were enough or something. “No sense wasting time dreaming when I could be wide awake wondering if I’m riddled with tumors!” Sob.

5) No sense wasting time dreaming … you get it. I’m a worrier. And a hypochondriac. I’m just plain nuts, is my point. But such fun at parties.


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